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Making an Appointment

We want to make your experience with our office a pleasant one beginning with the first phone call or visit. Our front desk staff is knowledgeable regarding our doctor’s time and insurance coverage in order to best assist you.

When calling to make an appointment our receptionists will need a few minutes of your time and will take the following information from you:

Information needed to verify your insurance coverage:

What you can expect from us prior to your appointment:

What you can expect from us following your appointment:

*Please note that any costs provided to you are only an estimate based on the information provided to us by your insurance company and based on the estimated procedures. We do everything in our power to make these estimates as accurate as possible; however, unforeseen difficulties in procedures or inaccurate information provided to us by others at times cause these estimates to differ. These costs will be due at the time of your appointment.

*Please bring with you your endodontic referral slip and any radiographs (x-rays). However, we will take our own radiographs (x-rays) so that we may provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis.

Through this exchange of information we hope that you will feel informed regarding all aspects of your treatment.